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Cameras are used more and more now as we rely more on the smartphone for the popular selfie and instant social networking. There are technologies apart from megapixels that can get you a better photo in different conditions too, we show you the megapixels on each phone to help you get the right one in your budget.

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List of Top Camera Phones

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Top 4 Camera Smartphones

The camera on a phone is now so widely used it's important to many in a daily usage.

    1. 1 HUAWEI P20 PRO
      40 mp triple - android

      23 mp - android

    1. 3 SONY XPERIA XA1
      23 mp - android

    1. 4 SONY XPERIA XA2
      23 mp - android

As you can see from the list Sony really concentrate on the Megapixels bringing a high-end megapixel count to try and bring the best cameras on their handsets.

Even though Megapixels are not the be all and end all when it comes to measuring which device has the best camera it does give us to great insight, there also could be other features which will make a difference to the quality of the image produced in different conditions too.

Latest Full List in Megapixel Order

Check out the full model list that's available on the market today. We have ordered the list by camera megapixels so you can see the highest.

Different technologies can make a camera better in certain conditions so be aware of this too.

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