What's The Top Mobile Phones for Your Child in 2021

Parents are generally bothered about the bill so choosing the right pay monthly plan is the most important for that, whilst teens may see it slightly different, as they are more interested in anything that connects them with the internet and their friends - is it just all about brand or more about specific features and how good the camera is?

We take a look at the top smartphones for the younger generation.

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Top 5 smartphones for children, teens and kids in the UK

    1. 1 Samsung Galaxy A3 - Android

      A fashionable look and top brand name always seem to attract kids in their early teens, with plethra of colours for both boys and girls this mid-range smartphone has everything they may possibly need.

      Part of the ever popular Samsung Galaxy mobile phone family, looking very similar to the flagship S7 at first glance giving the user experience of a top-end handset, keep an eye out for the new one expected to launch in 2017 in the form of the see the Samsung Galaxy S8 release.

      There are several versions of this phone dated by their year of release. Obviously, these bring different specs and also the price tag.

      2016 version features
      4.7 Inch Screen
      13.0 MP Camera
      weight is 132g
      Available colours: Black, Gold, Pink, silver and White
      Available networks: 3, EE, Vodafone, O2, Talkmobile, Tesco Mobile , ID and Sim Free.

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    1. 2 iPhone 5S - IOS

      This Apple iPhone range which ever model is bound to attract the younger category, the look and feel of an iPhone and also the possibility of also already used to the operating system and the way things work when using the family iPad can be really useful.

      The current budget version in the iPhone family can definitely do what they require and perhaps much more. Keep an eye out for the flagship model later this year in the form of the iPhone 7s

      Top features
      4.0 Inch Screen
      8.0 MP Camera
      weight is 112g
      Available colours : Grey and silver
      Available networks: 3, EE, Vodafone, O2, Talkmobile, Tesco Mobile , ID and Sim Free.

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    1. 3 Microsoft Lumia 550 - Windows

      The ever popular Lumia 550 comes with the Windows OS and a great price tag. A great seller for many networks this year as Microsoft succeeded more with the lower end smartphone especially this one.

      The Windows OS is also familiar for children with the main features of their home PC or laptop OS also present too in the mobile OS.

      Top Features
      4.7 inch Screen
      5.0 MP Camera
      weight is 141 g
      Available colours: Black, Blue, Gold, Grey and White
      Available networks: 3, EE, O2, ID, Tesco Mobile and Sim Free.

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    1. 4 Samsung Galaxy Core Prime - IOS

      most popular phones, so which would you prefer?


      Top Features
      4.5 Inch Screen
      5.0 MP Camera
      weight is 130g
      Available colours: Grey and silver
      Available networks: O2, EE, ID and Sim Free.

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    1. 5 Alcatel Onetouch Pop 4 - Android

      Alcatel has been making smartphones for years and have generally focussed on the fun side with many attractive colours with a lower price to suit and good functionality coupled with the Android operating system.

      Top Features
      5.0 Inch Screen
      8.0 MP Camera
      Available colours: Red, Grey, Silver and Black
      Available networks: EE, O2, Tesco Mobile, ID and Sim Free.

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If you have not quite seen what you want and require one of the most popular phones, we have the full range available, so which would you prefer?

If you are buying for a girl or are a female yourself looking for your next gadget purchase take a look at our article possibly for mobile phones more focused to women.

A Money saving tip for parents

Here are a few helpful tips.

      1 Pass it on and go sim only

    The cost of a new smartphone over the course of 24 months can add up quite a bit, so maybe passing your old phone to your kids always want to grab hold of and use, and getting a sim only plan can work out a hell of a lot cheaper.

    Taking away the cost of a new handset can make a network pay monthly sim as little as only £5 per month but make sure you get the right tariff as the extra costs for calls, and data etc can add up onto the monthly bill too.

      2 Sell your old phone

    If your old phone is just not feasible for your children and you need to get a new pay monthly mobile phone deal then you could sell your old phone for cash, see how much you can get for your old phone, it is better than it being stuck in a drawer for years unused.

    What Age is acceptable for kids to have a mobile phone?

    Life has changed and will keep changing as modern life moves forward and communication becomes a fuller part of our lives.

    In a generation, we have gone from not having mobiles to creating smartphones and be able to connect to the internet with them.

    If you are currently middle-aged you would not have had a phone as a child, but now most children have them or even the latest smartphones, which is great for safety and for parents piece of mind in being able to keep in touch.

    So what age is suitable for your first mobile phones is it 10 or maybe 11 years old, it's a tough one for parents to decide and will more be defined by parents in how they think their kids can handle it and what they need them for.

    What phones are rumoured for release this year?

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