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There are all types of different best selling phones in the world but we look at the best smartphone on the market today in the UK.

Buying a mobile is normally for 24 months so it's important you get the right one, what's everyone else purchasing.

We Take A Look At the popular and see what's what.

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Looking at the current top phones there are no surprises.

With having around 1 years more sales than the new flagship models the current list provides the most interest where you may also find the iPhone 7 coming into play very soon.

Apple and Samsung seem to have a stranglehold on the market over the last few years with a manufacturer you may want to keep an eye on may be Huawei. Their current portfolio of smartphones brings a very feature and specs rich list at a lower budget than the more regular popular handsets may cost.

Latest Full Mobile Phone List in best selling order

What is the best smartphone in the world?

Even though the UK doesn't have the same portfolio as other countries generally the most popular mobile phones tend to be around the same kind of handsets.

For this title, it could depend on many different features, yet popularity may be caused by pure brand name. So what's your best phone in 2017?

What's the best games for Mobile on Android and IOS?

There are millions of apps available from both online markets for both the Android Mobile OS and IOS.

Many different genres too like sports, action, platform and much more, so to pick the best mobile phone games of 2017 would be a difficult one

Looking online the top 5 games appear to be as follows

So what's coming in 2017?

There will be an abundance of new smartphone and upcoming phones in 2017 the top ones are rumoured to be iPhone 8, of course, it's not surprising that an iPhone is there.

Next, that everyone is most looking forward to will be the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus price may see a huge hike due to the size of the display, the top 2 manufacturers generally cause the most fuss.

Could we be in for a chance next year and see another brand come to force in the war of the smartphone.

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