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The popular family of smartphones for Samsung has been the Galaxy range and the new models are now available in 2022

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How many smartphone models are there? Check out the full model list that's available in the market today there are thousands of mobile phone deals available.

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After the announcement, we will take a look at the specs of the new handset and write a Galaxy S8 review which will include many features with design, camera, screen and processor along with any new and exciting features that may have come as a surprise.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 V iPhone 8

The confirmed announcement of the Galaxy S8 in March, 2017 comes with rumours of an anniversary year release of the an iPhone 8, so the competition could be on.

Talks of Apple using an OLED display will not be a worry for Samsung as they have used these already in previous smartphones and even rumours of a 4K screen maybe being used in the Samsung S8 Plus version of their own new handset.

The Plus would come as a larger screen version upto 6.2-inch and with hints from Samsung of losing the home button, for a full screen body look.

There is no doubt these 2 makes and models with be amongst the most popular smartphones of 2017, although with the technology that goes in them and the size, we can't see them being the lightest phones in the world.

There are still great alternatives though with industry events like the MWC throwing up some great competition with the Huawei P10 and also the wimpressive widescreen of the LG G6, hitting the UK market in 2017, consumers have plenty of choice.

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When was the first Samsung Galaxy phone launched?

When the Samsung i7500, also known as the Samsung Galaxy, was released in June 2009, it marked Samsung's entry into the Android smartphone market.

Is a Samsung an Android phone?

Even though Samsung uses the majority of the time Android on their gadgets, weather that be smartphones or tablets, Samsung is the brand of the phone and Android is the name of the operating system running on it.

Android is a Google product and you find it on many phones tablets and even PC's.

Are the Samsung Galaxy Series just a smartphone?

The manufacturer Samsung have created a family of gadgets they call "Samsung Galaxy" it has proven to be hugely successful, like that of The iPhone for Apple.

There are several gadgets in the range from mobile phones (smartphones), tablets and even cameras.

What's the full history of Samsung Galaxy Smartphones and their release dates?

2017 will see the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 with a date of Feb 26th already set aside for the press conference.

For a full list of the phones and dates with model numbers see Wikipedia they have an extensive listing.

For more information on the Galaxy series visit Samsung's website.

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