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So you want to keep your current mobile phone and save on your monthly bills, then that's great a sim card on its own is just what you are looking for. Get the popular data tariffs and 4G and keep the old iPhone and just get a compatible sim card on the network that you choose, with the plan that suits you best from under £5 per month.

Benefits of Sim Only

  1. 1. No handset - So Cheaper
  2. 2. Flexible Tariff Choice

  3. 3. You Can Still Keep Your Old Number
  4. 4. Retain Network Perks

Buy your Sim Sim Card Only today. 4G Enabled and in the UK. release date Cheap offers available on Contract and also Pay As You Go.







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  • 1 GB Data
  • UNLIMITED Minutes
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  • Need Unlimited Data?

    So you are looking for a sim card tariff plan with lots of internet GB's or even unlimited data.

    Some people use the internet on a regular basis and some use a huge amount, you are never of it I here you say!

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  • Want A Cheap Plan Under £5 per month?

    Without the handset offers from all networks can be far cheaper, we have seen the price as low as £2.99 per month.

    The more minutes, texts and data the more expensive it will be. Choose one that covers your usage, though.

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  • What Do I Do With My Old SIM?

    First, make sure your new one works and the old one has ended.

    Make sure you have no information like contacts or other information you may need to transfer over. Then cut it up through the gold foil part.

  • Which SIM Size Do I Need?

    There are three different types of sim card sizes, standard (which is the large one). Micro sim and Nano sim, you need to check which one your phone is compatible with.

    Obviously, tablets, smartphones and other devices can take a sim too.

What is a sim only and how does it work?

When you buy a normal mobile phone contract you will generally get the chosen handset and also the tariff plan connected to the network of your choice. The latest smartphones are generally subsidised and then the monthly bill becomes a lot higher meaning that running your mobile phone is expensive and probably one of your higher utility costs. Getting a sim card on it's own moves away from the latest handset costs and allows you to just pop the network of your choice sim card into your old phone, of course, the beloved handset you had from your old agreement which has expired and you have handed in your notice or maybe someone has passed you on a phone, which is very kind of them indeed.

You still have all the tariffs and networks to choose from so it is all fine and dandy, yet there are a few things to check out first, and bespoke ones like sim only unlimited data so there are lots to choose from.