The lightest smartphones in 2022

There are some great phones out there but sometimes some models you know you are carrying around, have you felt like that?

If you need it to be compact, we are taking a look to help, by showing you the top lightest mobiles currently available to buy.

We Take A Look At the slim ones and how much they weigh.

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Current TOP 4 - 29/06/2022

      113 g - apple

    1. 2 LG K4
      120 g - android

      123g - android

    1. 4 APPLE IPHONE 6
      129 g - apple

Looking at the current phones in the market the ordered list of the top 4 shows that the Samsung galaxy and iPhones are being aimed at significant weight loss compared to other manufacturers, with both these sat in the best in class.

Obviously, it is not the only reason but it is obviously seen as something that mobile phone users see as important in the buying process.

It also seems quite apt as the oldest phone release date takes the current award as the lightest phone, yet with the growth of screens on the best sellers like the S7 and iPhone 7 ranges with inevitably bring a heavier mobile phone, as you will see from the full details below, they in fact come some way down, so what's the most important feature to you when purchasing?

Latest Full Mobile Phone List in the real lightest order

Check out the full model list that's available in the market today and compare their weight with the actual weight actually shown.

The World's Best Ultra Slim Smartphone Does It Matter?

We all know in the UK sometimes we do not get the best of tech sent over this way, so what are we missing out on if you wanted to take advantage of this feature.

    1. VIVO X5 MAX
      - 4.75 mm

      Ultra Thin, Ultra Inspired

    1. Oppo R5
      - 4.85 mm

      Ultra Thin, Ultra HD, Pure Image

    1. Gionee Elife S5.5
      - 5.6 mm

      Android smartphone. Announced 2014, February

    1. VIVO X3S
      - 5.95 mm

      Extremely thin and fast

Is My Android the most compact?

Most new smartphones hitting the UK market come with the Android OS, Googles popular mobile operating system stole the limelight several years ago and hundreds of million of people across the world use and Android device.

Is your Android mobile phone weighing you down? You can already see that it appears that obviously, screens are getting bigger which means phones are getting taller in turn this means more than likely they are getting heavier, so does how slim the phone is, makes a different to how lightweight it is?

View what's the slimmest phone on the market and see if it makes a difference. It definitely seems to be an aim for manufacturers as they aim for the titles on their top smartphones, there maybe a reason as the thinner the handset the easier it is to hold.

What is the lightest Android Phone?

The current lightest Android Phone is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, closely followed by the LG X Cam, neither are huge selling phones or have a listing in the most popular mobile phones at this moment.

What is the lightest iPhone?

The current lightest iPhone is the iPhone 5S, closely followed by the SE. The newer of the 2 is the iPhone SE and can be found in several colours, with SE standing for Special Edition.

What can I get for under £10 per month from the light section

If you are on a budget and need to find the lowest weight possible from a smartphone in a lower price category here are some phones under the £10 cost pay monthly range.

What Does Flagship Phone Mean?

Across the web on many sites, you will probably see the term "Flagship", this is meant to be what the manufacturer sees as there best phone and will be more than likely their best seller.

For example, Apple's flagship smartphone would be currently the iPhone 7 and it's plus version, whilst this is the case now, the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will become Apple's flagship smartphones.

Obviously, this same process applys with Samsung currently, the flagship device would be the S7 and it's edge version. The release of the Galaxy S8 and also the newly named Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, would make these have the tag of.

These are their flagship mobile phones, it would be very unlikely to find them in the lightest weight category due to the extra amount of tech added to make the phone have better specifications.

Does size make a difference - The smaller the less weight it has?

The full list shows the current range of phones and tablets on the market in the UK today and puts them in weight order, taking information from that list shows that the size of the phone eg length etc does not always mean the phone will be lighter than one that has bigger dimensions, this is taken by looking at the screen size we also show, as the larger the screen the longer the mobile will be.

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