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Check out the full model list that's available in the market today there are thousands of mobile phone deals available.

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There are no subsides by the networks for these deals as there is no network agreement with it, you pay for the handset upfront. It doesn;t mean there are less models available, many prefer it this way and it has been known to be cheaper.

What does SIM Free mean?

Bascially it is the handset on it's own, without a network agreement and sim card. Generally if you have bad credit and declined a phone contract and you want to pay for the phone outright, this is the option for you.

All you do is pop in your current sim card, this maybe a pay as you go or a sim only contract deal you have been accepted for with any network, as the Sim Free mobile phones are unlocked.

What does Unlocked mean?

The phone is not stuck on any network, iPhones can be stuck to the first sim card put in them so be careful if the phone you buy is an iPhone.

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