How do I get a free credit report and what is my credit score?

Your credit report holds your personal financial details, giving lenders information on which they will decide if they will offer you the finance applied for or not.

Different lenders have different criteria, that is why some you may pass with and some you may not.

You can view this information too for free.

Here are the top reasons people are usually rejected for credit

  1. Not what they are looking for - Every lender will have their own ideas of the ideal customer. Whilst one lender may view your application positively, another may a see a negative.
  2. High credit applications in quick succession - Too many credit applications in a short space of time can be seen as a negative by lenders.
  3. Bad credit history - If they can see you have borrowed before, in recent years not made back payments on time, this will no doubt go against you.
  4. Mistake on your application form - Be careful when filling in the forms, paper or on-line as any spelling mistake can make a big difference.
  5. No credit history - If you have not had credit before, it's hard for lenders to put together your credit story and they may see this as more of a risk.
  6. Errors on your credit report - You may have associations which are not correct, make sure you check and correct them.
  7. Not registered on the electoral roll - Electoral roll information provides lenders proof that you are who you say you are and where you say you reside and helps to avoid identity fraud, which gets bigger every day.

Where can I check my credit file for free?

There are a few companies now that allow access to your credit file for free.