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Are they worthy of flagship status?

Time for Microsoft to prove the can compete in the mobile market with hardware!!

The Windows 10 for pc has been a success and these releases will bring Windows 10 mobile. Will the selling of the handsets be a success though?

The official announcement of these 2 largely leaks smartphones will act as the new flagship status for Microsoft's smartphone charge.

We probably have not seen a actual flagship since Microsoft took over the hardware range from Nokia, but these now fit the bill since the Mobile World Congress 2015 in March - where they introduced the Lumia 640 and 640 XL - where they also gave us hints of 2 new Windows smartphone arrivng later on in the year.

New Lumia 950 / XL specs features and price

Rumours and leaks have been aplenty and these show 2 phones clearly highly speced up with the 5.2 inch WQHD screens for the 950 and the XL sporting a 5.7 inch , 20MP main camera with triple flash, 32GB internal memory and upto 2TB microsSD slots.

USB-C is the new charger end, which allows it to pushed in either way, rather than having to faff about getting the right side and pushing in exactly right.

Do you want to see all networks and mobile phone shops together in our price comparison? View All Lumia 950 prices.

Both the 950 and XL were accidently confirmed by Microsoft themeselves, with some specs shown on their site, yet leaks suggest also that the XL may support the surface pen, which would then have the ability to compete with the like of Samsung's popular pen phone the Galaxy Note 5, which still hasn't been release in the UK and their is not confirmation it actually will, after it's release has already made avaialble in other countries.

With the leak on their site, the prices were actual x'd out meaning this will be the part we have to wait for, it will ahve to be in the higher price bracket for sim free and pay monthly which will take the 950 to a cost of around £480 and the XL around £550, all will be revealed tomorrow (6th October) and you will be able to see more on microsoft's mobile website here.

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