What does the new Samsung Galaxy S8 look like?

The MWC 2017 was an exciting one with a plethora of new gadgets being shown with excitement from their respective manufacturers.

The ones to note were the LG G6 which has a new screen to extend the view and the Huawei P10 announcement sees Huawei with a new flagship with a bigger version called the P10 Plus.

There was lots more on offer but still, we crave the #nextgalaxy, but this little bit of news may fill that void until the actual official announcement arrives at the later part of this month.

Do you want to know what the Samsung Galaxy S8 looks like and the rumoured Plus model too?

Well a new image leak sees what might be the best-looking flagship yet, will you want to buy the Galaxy S8 with it now having edges and a new bigger brother taking the stage, named the S8+

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As you can see from the picture the S8 as an edge

As a standard model, the normal Galaxy S8 will have the edges, with the screen bring 5.7 inches and the S8 Plus holding a bigger battery power to keep the huge 6.2-inch display a light for longer.

Even though there is only a few minor refinements to the actual look, a 12 MP dual pixel camera and the fingerprint scanner has been moved as this was located on the home button previously but as you can see it has now been removed, giving the S8 a great look and a fuller display according to the exclusive by BGR.

New USB-C and IP68 rated for water and dust resistance

The timing will come where the release of the Galaxy S8 review will have to be one that can compete with the iPhone 7s price which will have several months extra to fulfil the smartphone specs and features war.

A change to USB-C is not an uncommon one at the moment and is expected for better charging and a quick and easy connection, yet possibly the keeping of the 3.5mm audio pin maybe one that we all would be given up.

Keep your diary open for the official Samsung announcement on March 29th, 2017 and you should be able to buy the Samsung galaxy S8 Plus around the 21st April in the UK if last years release dates of the S7 and S& Edge are anything to go by.

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