Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus looks to out sell the S8

#TheNextGalaxy being announced by Samsung on February 8th 2017 is expected to be the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

Apple recently reported that the high quarter has shown a rise in customers purchasing the bigger plus version, so Samsung would no dobut expect the same.

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S8 Plus instead of Edge?

Rumours are showing that the edge version display that we have and still do see in the S6 and S7 versions of the new galaxy phones will now be as standard, with a change in name for the bigger version called Galaxy S8 Plus.

The iPhone now seems to be seeling a larger part of their models with the Plus version, showing that users are preffering a bigger screen.

How big is big on the Plus

Even the S6 Edge is still available, it's quite strange to think about all the kerfuffle regards how big the phone screens were when 5.5 and 6 inch phones first were announced, about how they didn't fit in your pocket and they were not mobile anymore, yet now things seemed to have changed.

Even with the much higher cost of owning one of the plus handsets, they are prooving ever popular, with rumours of a Galaxy S8 option going to sport a 6.2 inch display and more than likely will out sell the standard version even with the edged screen.

Manufacturers will no doubt be also interested in which brand will sell the best too as competition hots up and the S8 and it's live launch on Feb 26th 2017 drawing ever closer, yet Apple will have it's say later in the year with the expected iPhone 7s and Plus release and a chance to bite back.

Why the change with the Edge?

It was no doubt going to happen that the ne edged screen when it arrived on the S6 Edge would eventually take it's place on the standard version but the PLus is also expected to sport the funky looking yet feature rich edge screen too.

The size difference in both may be quite considerable with the S8 possibly featuring a 5.7 inch display and the Plus a larger 6.2 inch.

Do Other Smartphone Manufacturers Have Big Screen Too?

Generally in the bigger brands there is a larger screen phone produced under associated names, recently though HTC reveiled their new models with the U PLay and also the U Ultra the bigger of the 2 with a screen size of 5.7 inch, which will be some what smaller than the S8 Plus iff the 6.2 inch becomes reality.

Even though HTC will more than likely have a new flagship later on in the year too with the HTC 11 which could also include a larger screen variety, with LG it seems there will be a G6 and Sony a Z6 with HUawei almost certain to produce the Huawei P10 model and continue their success in the smartphone stakes.

Is it really bigger the better?

Obviously each user has a personal choice on what they prefer but it does seem that things are moving that way and people are preffering the large screen smartphone more than ever. We may see later in the year which are the most popular mobile phones of 2017, but no doubt many of the phones that have been mentioned today will be in that list.

The S8 Plus review will show the differences in specs between the S8 and itself, so make sure you take a look.

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