S8 front camera to come with autofocus rumour

So here we are again even just before Xmas, with more stories of updates on #TheNextGalaxy which ius expected to be shown off to the world in 2017.

The image shown below starts it off but could this really mean auto focus or other new technologies?

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Iris Scanner would be amazing

Now looking into the image you may ask if this could be iris scanner technology at last reaching our latest smartphones, is that a little mission impossible or reality?

Ther have been plenty of rumours of which you can see an update on our S8 review page which covers what's out there or even what we hope for.

S8 needs to overcome Note 7 nightmare

After what happened with the Note 7 and it's battery failings, competitors will be chomping at the bit to take a step closer to Samsung in the smartphone fight, but with a possible major overall of the previous flagship Galaxy S7, they could be forced to move their hand quicker than expected to bring out a new mind boggling phone with a new design and technology.

Of course later there will be a new iPhone release which is also thought to be the iPhone 8 which having normally a much later release get the chance to possible have just that little bit more to offer at that point on our iPhone 8 reviews, but of course with that comes normally six months worth of extra sales.

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