Samsung's new S8 launch video

If you are waiting for the release of the new Samsung galaxy S8, you will like to keep up with the latest news.

Many rumours have been flying around but only the very small glimpse of things official was noticed at the MWC.

Now a Samsung official Youtube video sets you up for another teaser with the "This is a phone " title, giving away the release date and possibly insinuating that the home button has finally gone.

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Take a look at the S8 video see what you think

There are plenty of good smartphones coming soon with the MWC 2017 revealing the Huawei P10 that also has a plus version and the LG G6 with the widescreen view, along with the new Sony phones with the XZ Premium and the XA1, so we have plenty of high-end Android phones to go out very soon.

Yet the new video shows varying types of phones and hints at a change with the release via the unpacked event on the 29/03/2017, with all other images of different phones showing a home button, yet the blacked out S8 at the end without one. Yet we may be reading too much into that part, from the rumours this could be valid.

Take a look at the new S8 video yourself and see what you think.

See the Samsung Galaxy S8 video release live

You can watch the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 live on Samsung's website, where you will see the differences in the new flagship smartphone, which promises to bring quite a change.

Here already Samsung again repeat their recent TV ads with the "Committed to Quality" tags and last year the launch of the S7 & edge with their water resistance.

What will be the difference on the Galaxy S8+

The newly named Plus version which is set as Samsung Galaxy S8+, probably named like that not to confuse with the iPhone Plus name, will from the outside not seem much different from the standard, as both will have edged screens, yet the plus will have a much larger display standing at 6.2-inch, now you really can see everything.

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