Samsung Galaxy S8 Review

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We get ready for the release of the S8 with UK dates and also an announcement expected after the MWC in 2017 on Feb 26th.

Covering the specs and main features.

Phones will never be the same..

Galaxy S8 Design

Rumours There are many questions regards the design of the S8 and technology moves on and a feel of a differing look from the manufacturer and infact all smartphones maybe required, as they look to sproose up the look and stand out from the crowd.

Talk of a fullscreen which will fill the whole front of the phone of course which will be great for that extra viewing experience but also means the disappearance of the home button seen on the Galaxy S7 and previous models in the Samsung Galaxy smartphone range could be a blessing in the drive to bring the lightest phone to the fore and create more space for a fuller display without adding millimeteres to the height and making it longer.

Stand Out

This total new redesign will help at last, to bring a manufacturer to stand out, yet will everyone else just follow, which is normally the case, yet this may not be the only upgrade to the design we could see more advances on the slight moves to flexible and edged body.

Screen Resolution

4K is the big phrase on everyones lips when it comes to the display technology, with the enhancement of the virtual experience also on the top of Samsung's list as they move further int oenhancements for virtual reality and their headset Gear VR.

The screen enhancements in previous years with the S6 and S7 have seen a big jump in resolution and also the introduction of AOD (always on display) allowing for simple everyday features like the date, time and your cummincation notifications like text messages and emails to be bought instantly to you yet using a lot less power, these functions are key to enhancing the lifetime of the battery which tends to be a major worry for the modern smartphone users of today. We may see an upgrade in the screen zise too for the S8 Plus with a new screen resolution too, but this could be reflected in the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus price taking a hike.

Water and dust resistance, will we ever get waterproof?

The different certifications against waterproof and dust resitance will but see the latest IP68 certification still be noted on the specs sheet. This currently doesn't give you a full waterproffing but brings a cover for certain levels probably beyond normal average usage or issues.

The UK advert for the S7 edge showed a drop in the sink was OK, so Samsung are dead keen to push this feature and you never know by time the release date arrive, which is rumoured to be in March 2017, there maybe more technology to move to a higher certification, this is all quite a jump from the S6 Edge will still actually sells quite well.

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Galaxy S8 Camera

Rumours: It's an everyday used item, either those quality photos taken carefully with the main camera or thw quick shoot of a selfie, it's getting more importtant that each bring great quality as users catching up on those great moments want to review in clearest possible way and don't want to be looking at a blur.

In recent years the galaxy range has seen them shoot to the top end of camera and video quality, bringing more of the same to the cameras ability and overall phone features will be welcomed.

Camera Megapixel Hike

A new picture release started stories on a possible autofocus on the front camera for the S8 #thenextgalaxy enhancing the front camera, with even more to prove than ever and the used more than ever the S8 front camera with autofocus rumour would be welcomed for those who are selfie mad.

Lens aperture and sensors are all techie talk but looking at the specifications of these along with megapixels will give you some idea into what kind of photo will be shot.

A few brands like Huawei have moved to a dual front camera, like the P9 and with the main rival Apple doing the same with the iPhone 7 Plus it is a major factor for the S8 now to ensure they stay in front of the pack on all levels.

The 16MP on the previous models are expected to be upped as and with rumours of even a leap to 24MP on the main camera to keep up with the best camera phones out there on the market today and stay ahead in 2017 with the Huawei P10 and new Apple prodcts coming later in the year also.

Coupled with a possible jump on the front too possibly of 5MP to 8MP catching that selfie will definately come out better too.

Enhance But Keep It Thin

The upgrade of the camera and it's lens have to be done with caution as Samsung have seen before with the likes of the zoom and it's galaxy s6 which saw a protrusion of several millimetres the back cover and when you are trying to get thin smartphones, this really doesn't help.

The S7 and S7 Edge were announced to us with dual pixel which sees a higher percentage of pixels being used for focusing, so maybe another little surprise will come our way on release day.

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Galaxy S8 Processor

Performance is key as we get annoyed at any lag as we expect instant results from our modern tech, yet it generally is not the spec that users look for when key is brand, look and what's in chic at that time.

New processors are expected in early 2017 ensuring that these will be in time for the S8 release. Not only will these speed up even more the processing but efficiency is expected to exceed previous models by some way. INturn more importantly will come less poer consumption meaning guess what.. your battery will last longer.

Running VR and 4K

Virtual Reality will be very near the top of Samsung's list and ensuring that graphics too runs to optimum is important along wit the the possibility of the 4K screeen already mentioned we are in for a visual splendour.

Optimum Power and Charging

Along with saving power and Android features to personalise usage, in previsou models Samsung still use the Micro-USB charging connector, which until very recently was pretty much uniform, iPhone exempt of course. A change to the new USB Type- C would also add convenience in the form of reversible connectors and a faster charging system so you can get back on your feet quicker.

High power battery not removeable

The note issue much have made a little dent in the Samsung armour and producing a bigger longer lasting battery, that doesn't have issues must be high on the list. Generally though with bigger batteries comes a thicker phone so this smartphone may not be the slimmest phone in the world, but it sure will look and feel good.

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Galaxy S8 Operating System

Android Nougat is the latest is Google's operating system software initially released with Google Pixel, there will not be a new one before the S8 release so Nougat will bring you right up to date, yet there are more exciting updates happening to the all of Samsung's Galaxy range who currently all use Android, in the form of voice assistant services of which is expected to help connect smartphones and home tech in a new much smarter way.

Windows boot up too?

Rumours of a dual OS are one of many users dreams incorporating both softwares in the form of dual window ensuring users get the best of both world's.

Samsung have flited with Windows before in several of it's past models, but this is a whole new concept.

Specifications Galaxy S8 V Galaxy S7 Plus Comparison

Galaxy S8


Length: 140.1mm
Width: 72.2mm
Depth: 7.3 mm
Weight: TBC


Keyboard: Virtual On Screen
Touchscreen: Y
Display Colours: Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colours
Screen Size: 5.7 inches


Standard Battery: Non-removable Li-Ion battery
Standby Time: TBC
Talktime: TBC

Alert Options

Vibrate: Y
Ringtones: Y
Speaker Phone: Y

Storage Options

Phonebook: Y
Call Records: Y
Messaging Records: Y


Internal: 64/128 GB
Extra Card Slot: MicroSD, up to 256 GB


Wi-Fi: Y
Bluetooth: Y
NFC: 0
3G: Y
4G: 1


Main Camera Mexapixels: 12 MP
Flash: Y
Auto Focus: Y
Video: Y


Email: Y
Instant Messaging: Y


Smartphone: Y
3G: Y
4G: 1

Operating System

OS: Android


Processor: Octa-core


Water: 1

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It's a way off yet but it always seems to come round quick and there are plenty of leaks that come through before the official announcements. All in all it looks like there will be a major overall from design to performance.

After the Note issue Samsung need to step it up again to reproduce the most popular smartphones again, maybe looking the way of the S8 plus specs may produce this for them, rather than the standard S8.

Apple will have something to say later in the year with the 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus arrivals which means this phone being produced possibly 6 months previosu needs to be at the top of the game and manufacturing just the biggest screen smartphones, may not be enough.

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