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    Total Entertainment + Infinity 1

    Category - TV package, broadband

    Comes with free Weekend calls. Broadband with up to 52Mb/s (25GB cap). We??Tll email you if you??Tre reaching your allowance. If you exceed your allowance you??Tll be charged a little extra, ?1.80 per GB. Package upgrades are also available. Also includes: BT Sport Pack for FREE. BT Sport Pack is best with BT TV and it's the only way to get it FREE. Get brand new AMC, from the US network behind the smash-hit dramas Mad Men and Breaking Bad, and the highly anticipated Fear the Walking Dead.. GBP18.99/mth line rental. In order to activate your BT Infinity service, an engineer will need to visit your street cabinet and in some cases carry out work at your home - all for a small, one-off activation charge of ?49. To install your ultra HD TV & get the best viewing experience, an engineer will need to visit - all for a small one-off installation fee of GBP20. 12 month contract

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