Bad Credit

Need a contract phone but you've got a low credit score? Get accepted!

Can I Get A Mobile Phone With Bad Credit? Yes!

There are now networks in the UK that accommodate for people struggling with adverse credit histories.

Ensuring you a choice of top smartphones and or the monthly plan that suits your communication needs.

UK networks with Three, Vodafone, O2 and EE.

Get an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy even with a low credit score.

Select your phone & choose your plan

How We Help Customers With A Poor Credit Rating Get a Mobile Phone Deal

      1. No Upfront Fees

    All deals chosen are with a free handset, meaning there are no upfront costs.

      2. Quick Decision

    We send you direct to the retailer, so no hanging around.

      3. UK Networks

    Only the main UK networks are used, so you have great signal coverage.

      4. Bad Credit & Higher Acceptance

    The pay monthly offers chosen are ones that we find have a higher acceptance and pass rate.

      5. No Deposit Deals

    No upfront payment, we compare retailers prices.

Improve your smartphone pay monthly chances, even with a poor credit rating

Have you been turned down in the past? It's time to improve your chances of getting a smartphone.

There are plenty out there with varying specifications, it may be the cases that for just right now it won't be best to go for the top end flagship models with their high monthly rental costs.

If you can get your foot in the door now, with a much lower version then look to upgrade when the contract ends.

This is a great option, yet not guaranteed initially it gives you a far better chance, if you have a bad credit file.

If you are seen as a risky customer the last thing that is going to happen is for the network provider to throw the most expensive smartphone at you.

The iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 would be a huge risk losing all that upfront payment for the handset when a high percentage do not pay their bills.

Rejected? - Then check your credit file

There could be many reasons why to get declined.

Some of the issues you may be able to fix yourself, you need to take a look at your credit file.

You can get your credit file for free or even a free trial. There are different providers

Lowest line rentals to help pass with bad credit

Iphone 5s to get that higher acceptance

Apple's own iPhone super screen and a beautiful design, isn't time you had one?

Popular iPhone Monthly Deal

If you are refused an iPhone because of bad credit, you could be offered a sim only contract to enable you to start your process of gaining trust with the network, which with regular payments and usage of the sim.

This can lead to being offered a contract phone in the coming months, even though you still may have bad credit but, make sure you get yours now.

Three have been known to offer a contract with a small deposit, this can be great as for that small initial payment.

This deposit is then paid back to you after 3 months if your mobile phone is paid in full and on time.

One of the biggest networks in the UK, this is one of the best possibilities of you getting accepted.

Try now and see using a low-cost good Android smartphone on the Three network as below.

Samsung Galaxy Android phone for higher acceptance

Time to Android it up with the many manufacturers, use the Android operating system including Samsung Galaxy ranges, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Google and much more.

Popular Samsung Galaxy Deal

Sim Card Only - perfect for you if you have bad credit

Sim Only for bad credit

After a pay monthly plan, a sim card only deal is a great option. Once you're connected then more and more payments will prove your worth and stand you in good stead for a phone.

Many sim only deals have no credit check or a very soft one so generally are easier to pass.

Popular Sim Only Deal
Fits any smartphone
4GB Data, Unlimited mins & texts SIM
  • 4000MB Data
  • 9999 Minutes
  • 9999 Texts

Benefits of sim only and no credit check

The contract length on a sim only plan may only be 1 month, now this keeps rolling over until you decide you want to stop.

This is very flexible for the user, it gives them the contract benefits at a short agreement span and you are not tied in for longer periods, eg to the network or even network signal.

Some of the bad credit mobile phone deals with a handset are as low as 12 months, meaning again you can look at upgrading quicker than a normal 24-month.

The likes of the iPhone 6 and 6s with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and all the top end smartphones, of course, are still on 24 month agreement terms, giving you the same benefits as any other network.

Top UK Networks

What's the easiest network to get a contract with?

Take a look at the networks that are most popular for connection, get the mobile phone deal on the network of your choice.

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What about contract phones with free gifts

Not normally will you get the specialised deal that will include a free gift if you have bad credit but, you never know, though.

If you are looking, in particular, to buy a free gift with a mobile phone deal then check out these popular offers - yet remember these are not under the normal bad credit category.


Seen as the most popular giveaway the Playstation 4 console brings hours of entertainment.

View PS4 Deals

** Please be aware that credit checks are performed on all deals on this page and that the criteria for acceptance are chosen by the network.

We choose deals out of retailers offers, where we think people will have more chance of passing, as the risk is less with much less monthly payments and a lesser costing phone.

We cannot guarantee that anybody who has bad credit will pass the required checks and receive one of these contract phone deals we show.

Can you get a phone contract if you are under 18?

This is a totally different situation to having a problem with your credit history and not paying your bills in the past.

A pay monthly agreement is for 18-year-olds + so if you are under 18 you could get an adult (or someone with a good enough credit rating to pass) to take out the deal for you.

This would have to be in their name and then obviously the agreement is between yourselves to pay, it's probably not the best way but it is an option if they agree.

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