What Does 1GB Data actually Mean? - Explaining mobile internet

Using Wi-Fi at home for example does not take from your data allowance, data is when you are using your mobile network to access the internet, this could be browsing www or through apps like Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp or even watching Netflix for example.

Remembering that the amounts set are for UK use, yet some networks like Three and EE allow to use some European countries out of your tariff plan too, ensure you check for the counttry you are visiting.

Is 1GB of data alot? 1GB = 1024MB

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Are you confused by the megabytes and gigabyte in your mobile phone plan?

Bascially set in your tariff you have a data allowance which will allow you to surf the net or use popular apps like Facebook (which uses internet) for that set amount each month. How quick this loads dependants on the amount of media on each page and also if you have a 3G or 4G tariff plan, not taking into account coverage in that usage area.

The most popular question being is 1GB of mobile internet enough?

A Rough Guide to what you can do with 1GB (1024MB)

Each example would use 1GB, but is 1GB of data alot and how long will it last?

  • Basic Emails 1,000,000
  • Emails (with attachments) 2,000
  • Download/Stream Music 200 songs
  • Download/Stream video 2 hours
  • Listening to radio online 16 hours

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How Much Data do I need For Pokemon GO?

It's huge at the moment which is great as it is so much fun, yet it can be addictive and also Yes Pokemon Go uses your mobile data.

Obviously it all depends on how much you play it to how much data is consumed and how much that goes over your allowance, yet there are reports that it does not actually use that much and you would have to play it for very long hours to eat your plan.

There are free apps that allow you to check on your usage so try downloading from Google play for Android or Apple App Store for IOS

Does 4G make A Difference?

To enable you to connect to 4G you will have to have connected to a 4G tariff, also be in a coverage area and a compatible handset (which most are nowadays).

4G brings faster speeds yet still will download the same amount of data but you will just be able to browse and view quicker, with top phones all compatible on the right plans, get the latest with iPhone 7 deals. Also being worked on at the moment aree 5G contract mobile phones but are not expected to be available till at least 2018.

How much data does the average person use each month?

The most popular chosen plans start from 500MB and go to 750MB and up to 1GB or 2GB, yet there are ones with more and even some offer unlimited access with Three all you can eat, you can do just that.

You can check your phone in the settings to see how much data you have transferred through your phone, or alternatively to get a better understanding and more accurate figures contact your billing who will be able to let you know.

What Uses the biggest amount of data usage?

The top sources of usages for your plan to think about would be whatching or downloading Videos, or films. These are very large files so be aware of your limits.

Social Media too, this is generally with all the images and maybe even vdeos again, where the text you are reading will not take up alot at all.

Maps on the go, with great options like Google Maps you can ensure you get directions to where you eant to be, yet accessing them through your network plan again could use significant amounts to keep an eye on.

Emails generally take up very little with just text, where you need to eatch are the marketing emails, or ones with attachments.

Using Internet on my Phone abroad

There is a massive price hike for any of your tariff when using your smartphone on holiday. Going abroad means you do not have your tariff allowance in that time period.

You can buy add ons , or bolt ons specifically for this an you will need to as your network provider on what current options you have and what are best.

Three has a great option where you can use your phone abroad at no extra cost with Feel At Home so you may not have to buy an extra whilst you are in selected countries.

See more about using your phone abroad for free

There are more and more options now to make you aware and to stop these extra charges from happening. Generally when you start roaming the network sends you a text message to make you aware that you will get extra charges and what those charges will be.

Also you could turn off data on your mobile in your settings to ensure you do not use it, this would mean though that if you was to require something that needs internet then you would have to use Wi-Fi and you may have to pay for that too in your hotel or place where you are staying, yet many hotels now do free WI-FI.

Get you get Sim Only?

There are plenty of sim only tariffs available including with data, you can check out Cheap sim only with Data and see which is the best for you.

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