How does recycling my phone work?

It saves the environment and fills your pocket with spondulics.

phone on its side

Fast Payments

Funds cleared in your account the same day as approval

No postage cost to you

It's free to send your device to recycle and it's free for returns

Need to delete data first

Need help and not sure how to clear, help and details available for download

Most Popular phone sold

There are a lot of old phone models yet there are some favourites for cashing in on.


Need the top model and don't want to be left behind see what you can get for these

Top iPhone Deal

  • Apple iPhone 6 16GB Silver
  • 300 Mins + 2000 Texts + 1000MB Data
  • Months
  • Only £33.50 Per Month

iPhone 6 and 6s


older galaxy phones

Samsung Galaxy

Android is popular but so is getting the latest Samsung Galaxy, so just chop in your old one.

Top Galaxy offer

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 32gb Black
  • Get a great price

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How to use the recycling - quick and easy

The best way is to use the top tool which enables you to find your model and get an instant quote.

What happens to my old phone when it's gone?

They are recycled, you send it to the provider, usually with a postage paid, the full details will let you know how to proceed.

Once I have a quote how long does it last for?

Usually, within 7 days, you will have to get a requote as the prices change quite often.

How do I get paid?

Generally, there are several options, once the application has been approved and the phone arrived at the recycling company they will send a cheque, bank transfer or some offer retail vouchers, dependant what you picked when filling out the form.

How Long before I get payment for my device?

Nowadays it is quick and easy and even payments direct to your bank are within 24 hours of approval.

Shall I take all my personal details off my phone before sending?

It is always best to take off or transfer your details required to your new phone or device before sending, also you don;t want to send all your details anywhere, so clear the phone of anything, before sending it away.

Are you looking at buying the latest smartphone, but still in contract?

If you don't like your old phone, just bored with it or the latest smartphone on the market is just too good not to have, then the downside you may have is, you are still in contract.

So lets say the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone has arrived ahnd you just can't resist the latest tech fashion, where is the best place to get the Samsung Galaxy S8 from and how are you going to pay the remaining monthly payments on your existing mobile phone contract?

After comparing deals, you could recycle your old phone and put that towards the remaining costs of your agreement, in some instances this could even cover it.

Just ask your provider, how much it would be to get out of the agreement and you are away.

The MWC 2017 has thrown out some great new alternatives for you, with the Huawei P10 price and the LG G6 price arriving soon with pre-orders expected in March, 2017.

Samsung were there are the MWC and they were their to show off some of their other tech like tablets and 3D, yet a small glimse of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus release, was there as a little teaser.

*All this information is provided to try and help, ensure you seek adivce from the recycler beforesending your phone away.

2 big phones together

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